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Our Greatest Concern
The Teacher and Organist Training College has been a Transylvanian Christian educational institution for fifteen years.
Since the College has never owned any facilities, the education has been carried on in churches, council-rooms, etc.
At present we use eleven rooms belonging to six different buildings, most of which are not suitable for educational purposes.
The situation of the boarding school represents a great concern: at present we have more than 200 students, but we can offer temporary accomodation only to 14 of them in the Parish home belonging to the Citadel Church. (Hungarian Reformed Citadel Church).
However there is a possibility to solve this problem. The Citadel Church of Tg. Mures has offered our College their old parish building. The restoration and the extantion of the facility with another floor and attic space could solve both the problem of classrooms, rooms for organ rehearsals and that of the boarding school.
Board and lodging could also be provided for talented young people coming from underdeveloped areas such as small villages or towns in Transylvania and facing financial difficulties.
The creation of an educational and cultural centre for Transylvanian Hungarians would be another benefit of the project.

If you wish to donate here is our bank account information:

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