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The College of the Homeland
The Teacher and Organist Training College of Tg. Mures was founded in 1990 by the Hungarian Churches of Transylvania and the Mures County Organization of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania of that time.
Young people from Transylvania, and from all over Romania belonging to the Reformed, Roman Chatolic, Lutheran and Unitarian Churches can apply for admission to the College. The aims of the Institusion are to educate young people in the Christian spirit, to offer them a wide-ranging knowledge suitable for the professions of the teacher and cantor and to foster a general cultural awareness. The school curriculum is designed for both sections in eight semesters.
The Teacher Training section was accredited in 2002 by the Teacher Training College of the "Károli Gáspár" Reformed University in Nagykőrös, Hungary.
In 2005 was qualified according to the educational principles and spirit of Bologna.
The Organist Training section is run by the Transilvanian Reformed Church District and the Reformed Parish of The Citadel Church of Târgu Mureţ, as an institution part of the ecclesiastical higher education. The diploma for organists is presented by the Churches that founded the College.
374 students graduated the College between 1993-2005, 95% of whom found a job as nursery and primary school teachers or organists and music teachers in schools and congregations in their homeland.
Begining with the 2002-2003 school year, besides the Teacher and Organist Training sections, we launched distance learning via correspondence for teachers already working in small villages without any pedagogical qualifications. With this we pay an important contribution to the survival of Hungarian nursery and primary schools in remote and underdeveloped areas of Transylvania.
The College program and curriculum provides quality learning opportunities and encourages Christian attitude among Hungarian intellectuals.